OpenDataSoft uses two referentials’ guidelines at AA levels for Accessibility:

Here are a few examples of what the OpenDataSoft platform implements to improve accessibility:

  • The decorative elements have WAI-ARIA attributes to avoid text-to-speech triggering
  • The images are tagged with alt attributes and meaningful titles
  • The links are tagged with a meaningful description
  • All of the user interface elements are navigable with a keyboard (including tabs and tabular data)
  • When using different languages, elements are properly tagged to ensure a better text-to-speech
  • The modal windows have appropriate focus and focus cycling

Despite our best efforts, if you encounter an accessibility issue on the platform, please let us know by sending a report to

When sending a report, please include these information:

  • Your browser*
  • Your operating system*
  • Your screenreader
  • A description of the issues you’re encountering

*Please include the version numbers, use this website or this one to find out easily

We will do our best to fix those issues in the forthcoming releases.