Looking up the catalog

OpenDataSoft lets you find datasets with a rich search based experience. The catalog is often accessible via the Explore or Datasets link on the header menu. It allows to filter through all the portal’s datasets by keyword, publisher, date or theme, among others.

Explore catalog

Filtering the catalog

On the left hand side of the catalog sits the filtering menu. It allows the user to sort the dataset list by date or title, and to filter it with precision.


Under the geographic search map, there is a list of selectable filters sorted by category. They are constructed from the datasets metadata and enable the user to filter all the datasets that have the same attributes like language, theme, keywords, publisher, date, among others.

Selectable filters

Click on the values you want to use to filter the dataset list. For some categories like keywords and themes, it is possible to select multiple values, and for some others like modification date, the selection is hierarchical. For example, selecting a year will let you to choose the month.

In the case of keywords, you can also click on them directly on a dataset card to filter the catalog on that keyword.


The catalog filters of a portal can be customized, including which filters are proposed, the order of the filters, and how to order the suggested values. Please contact us for more information.

Exploring a dataset

Once you find your dataset, it is time to explore the data by clicking on the card title or description to switch to the dataset page.