Setting up OpenDataSoftΒΆ

To start, you may want to freely browse datasets on public existing OpenDataSoft’s portal (see for instance the Open Data portal of the City of Paris (France) and a comprehensive list of OpenDataSoft’s customers).

But you can also get an access to your own OpenDataSoft’s instance (called domain throughout the rest of this documentation).

OpenDataSoft's free trial account subscription

Free trial account creation

Free trial domains are limited in terms of capabilities (number of datasets, volume of data and number of API calls).

  • To get access to a premium OpenDataSoft domain, contact your OpenDataSoft’s sales representative or send an email to OpenDataSoft.

To access your OpenDataSoft domain, simply use your favorite web browser. The address to use looks like or for free trial domains.

When first connecting to your domain, after having submitted your credentials, you’ll have to accept OpenDataSoft’s terms of use.

You shall then be redirected to OpenDataSoft’s back-office main screen.

OpenDataSoft's free trial account subscription

Back-office after first connection