The GetCapabilities operation allows clients to retrieve service metadata. The response is a XML document containing the information.


This is the list of the supported parameters specific to the GetCapabilities operation. You should also take into consideration the common parameters. See more.

The existing parameters in the CSW standard which are not listed in this table are currently not supported.

Supported parameters for the GetCapabilities operation
Parameter Description Optionality and use
Sections Unordered list of zero or more names of sections of service metadata document to be returned in service metadata document. Optional. When omitted, return complete service metadata document.
AcceptVersions Prioritized sequence of one or more specification versions accepted by client, with preferred versions listed first. Optional. When omitted, return latest supported version.


This is the list of the existing section in the service metadata. The section name can be used as a value for the Sections parameter.

Section name and contents
Section name Contents
ServiceIdentification Metadata about the the CSW implementation.
ServiceProvider Metadata about the organization offering the CSW service.
OperationsMetadata Metadata about the CSW operations offered by a the CSW implementation.
Filter_Capabilities Metadata about the filter capabilities of the server. The OpenDataSoft CSW currently does not support filters.


Here is an example of a GetCapabilities operation with the optional Sections parameter, using a GET HTTP method :


And the same request using a POST HTTP method :


The request body :

<?xml version="1.0"?>