The GetFeature operation allows retrieval of features from the WFS, and output them using the GML 3.1.1 representation.


This is the list of the supported parameters specific to the GetFeature operation. You should also take into consideration the common parameters. See more.

The existing parameters in the WFS standard which are not listed in this table are currently not supported.

Supported parameters for the GetFeature operation
Parameter Description Optionality and use
resultType Used to indicate whether a WFS should generate a complete response document of whether it should generate an empty response document indicating only the number of features that the query would return. Optional. Values can be hits or results. Default value is results.
maxFeatures Used to define the maximum number of records that should be returned from the result set of a query. Optional. Value must be a positive integer.
TypeName A list of feature type names to query. Mandatory.
PropertyName A list of properties that should be returned. Optional. The absence of a value also indicates that all properties should be fetched.
featureId An enumerated list of feature instances to fetch identified by their feature identifiers. Optional.


Here is an example of a GetFeature operation with the optional PropertyName parameter, using a GET HTTP method :


And the same request using a POST HTTP method :


The request body :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   xsi:schemaLocation=" ../wfs/1.1.0/WFS.xsd">
   <wfs:Query typeName="ods:arrondissement_od">