Using the service

OpenDataSoft records can be accessed through a Web Feature Service (WFS), which provides an interface allowing requests for geographical features. The OpenDataSoft platform uses the WFS specification version 1.1.0.

Operations supported

OpenDataSoft platform implements three operations defined by the WFS standard :

CSW Operations
Operation Description
GetCapabilities Retrieve service metadata.
DescribeFeatureType Generate a schema description of features types serviced by the service.
GetFeature Retrieve features from the service and output them using the GML representation.

Service address and methods

The service can be reached at the following entry address :


For this documentation, we use the the domain as an example but you should replace it by your custom domain name.

The WFS supports both GET and POST HTTP methods.

Request Headers

The only supported HTTP header is the optional Content-Type header, which must be set to text/xml when using a POST HTTP request.


When the HTTP GET method is used, the parameters are appended to the URL using a Keyword Value Pair (KVP) encoding. When the HTTP POST method is used, the operation request message are encoded as an XML document in the body of the POST message.

Here is the list of the common parameters, supported by all WFS operations :

Request Parameters
Operation Description Possible values Optionality and use
service The requested service WFS One (Mandatory)
request The requested operation GetCapabilities | DescribeFeatureType | GetFeature One (Mandatory)
version The requested version of the service. 1.1.0 One (Optional)

Exception reports

When an error occurs, the service respond to the client using an Exception Report message to describe the error.

Parameters in Exception element
Name Definition Data type and value Multiplicity and use
ExceptionText Text describing specific exception represented by the exceptionCode Character String type, not empty. Value is an exception description as defined by individual servers Zero or more (optional). Omitted only when no more useful information available
exceptionCode Code representing type of this exception Character String type, not empty. Allowed values are specified by each implementation specification and server implementation One (mandatory)
locator Indicator of location in the client’s operation request where this exception was encountered Character String type, not empty Contents defined for each allowed exceptionCode value for each operation Zero or one (optional). Omitted when no useful value available

Example :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ExceptionReport xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
    xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0.0" language="en">
  <Exception exceptionCode="InvalidParameterValue" locator="service">
    <ExceptionText>Service must be WFS or CSW.</ExceptionText>